Course Road Map for WSTS

Hey there. You’ve found the course road map. Good job.

I realize you’re not all at the same place in your writing life. Some of you are old pros looking for a kick in the pants. Some of you are completely new to writing and don’t know a word doc from an epub (that’s okay. I didn’t either).

Wherever you are in your career, you’re in the right place.

Feel free to skip the chapters and lectures you don’t need. If you’re a Duotrope veteran and crunch numbers in your sleep, you probably don’t need to listen to me for those precious minutes of your life. But if you’ve never used a market search engine before, well, that’s a different story.

This course is designed with a broad scope in mind. Other courses will be narrower in focus. I figured you were clever enough cupcakes to sort yourselves out that way.

Of course, visit the Forums. Make some friends. Find a writing partner.

Your Road Map to Selling Some Flippin’ Frackin’ Stories

If you want to dive right in and start writing:

The Number One Secret to Selling A Story

Write Fast and Dirty

Story Essentials

Flash Fiction: Story Structure in a Microcosm


Choosing the Right Hardware and Right Software

Writing Prompts & Exercises

Time to Write

Writing Prompt #2 – Escalating Tension

Critiquing Skills

Anna’s Rules for Giving a Professional Manuscript Critique

Anna’s Rules for Receiving a Manuscript Critique like a Pro

Editing Skills

Content Editing

Line Editing



Cover Letters 101

When you’re ready to submit

Finding the Right Market

Query Letters

Breaking Through to the Professional Level

Always a Semi-Pro & Never a Pro

Finding Your Authentic Style

Resonance – A Surefire Way to Make Me Buy Your Story

What’s Wrong With My Story?

What I Look for When Buying Stories

For more detailed lectures on rewriting, revising, and the business of writing, check out Write Stories That Sell Part II.

For a manuscript critique from me.

To jump in with both feet and become one of my personal writing students.