Using the Kindle Platform

Let’s look at how your KDP account from the back end and go through uploading and publishing a book on Kindle.

Sign into your regular Amazon account, then go to the KDP link, then sign in as you.
Or if you don’t have an Amazon account at all, create one.
When you sign into KDP, you arrive at your Bookshelf where your books are listed. You can check your stats, upload new books, book covers, create book covers, get reports, and join the community and more.

To upload a new book, click “Create New Title.”

On this page, you’ll be asked to choose if you want to enroll in KDP Select. This program has some benefits such as marketing, earning higher percentages, reaching more readers via Kindle Unlimited and more.
Read the instructions to figure out if you want it or not. There are pros and cons to both. In short, if you want to market your book on other platforms, do not choose KDP Select. If you want KDP Select, so you can promote your book via Amazon, be included in Kindle Unlimited, and more, tick the box.
Your book should be finished and ready to publish before going to upload your book:

Book Name

Choose a name that tells the readers what’s inside. Don’t be tricky.


It’s a good idea to have a subtitle, as it gives you more ways to let the consumer know what’s inside.

Whether This Is a Series or Not

Whether it’s book one or 80 they need to know to organize the inventory.

Edition Number if You Have One

This is helpful if you plan to make updates to the information in the future.

Publisher Info

Consider starting your publishing company, even if it’s only for your books.

A Great Book Description

You have 4000 characters for this, and you should use them all as creatively and accurately as possible.

Book Contributor Names

You’ll get to pick the type of contribution each person made whether it’s illustration, editing, or author.


This is the language your book is written in.


You can purchase your own ISBN’s from, but it’s entirely optional.

Publishing Rights

Check whether or not you have the right to publish this material.

Book Categories

Choose up to two options that are relevant to your book.

Age Range

If you write Young Adult novels or any age-related books, then you should choose this option.

Grade Range

If you write specifically for a grade level, choose which one, but this is optional as well.

7 Keywords

Don’t reuse keywords that are already in your title or that show up elsewhere. This section is also a good place to use additional keywords that help your book get noticed. Use long tail keywords and keyword phrases.

Book Release Date

Choose a date for your book release or decide to publish it immediately upon approval. It’s a good idea to pick a publication date because if your manuscript looks wrong in the preview phase, you can save it and upload the corrected version by the date specified.

Note: Don’t miss your upload date, which is usually about ten days before the date you choose to publish your book. If you do, they’ll disable your ability to offer preorders for an entire year.

Upload Book Cover (or Use Cover Creator)

One of the most important parts of your book is the cover. Spend some money getting a professional cover created when you can. A good cover makes your book more salable. You can try, and other online places to find a graphic designer.

Upload Your Book File

Upload the book file whether it’s .mobi or an MS Word document. Uploading takes a moment. Kindle will check your spelling and alert you to any issues.

Don’t forget to save your work.

Now you’re on the next page of things to do to finalize your book publishing on KDP.

It’s highly recommended that you take the time to preview your book. The online version or the downloadable versions are available right inside the system. If you look at the preview and it’s not working right, save as a draft and then you can fix the manuscript and upload it again without having to re-do all the other work you did.

If it looks good, save and continue.

Verify Your Publishing Territories

You can choose individual places of relevance, or you can publish worldwide. It is recommended to choose the different territories where your audience is. This takes more work but will help you get more sales.

Set Your Prices

Pricing can be hard to do but has to be mostly personal preference. If you want a 70% royalty, you’ll need to price your book between $2.99 and $9.99. For 35% royalty, you can set your price between .99 cents and $200.00.

Note: Kindle has a service that helps you price your book based on other books like yours. It’s free and I highly recommended it to help maximize your earnings.

If you’re going to have a print version, then you can choose to use Kindle MatchBook which will give your Kindle book to print buyers for free. You can also click to allow lending for the book, which means that a customer can buy it, and then lend it to a friend for a few days.
Click to agree to the terms and then click either save as draft or you can go ahead and submit.

After you click, you know you’re on your way to being a Published Author.

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