Determine the word count of your manuscript.
Price is determined by a SINGLE manuscript.
Please don't ask to combine multiple stories into one longer document. While the wordcount might be the same, multiple smaller stories still require multiple analyses of story arc, theme, characterization, etc, plus summary notes.
Each story = one manuscript = one purchase.
Take your word count & round up to the nearest 1,000 words.
This is also a terrific motivator to cut excess words from your story before submitting it to me. One more editorial pass over a manuscript never hurt anyone.

Checkout using the form below. 
Unfortunately, I have to charge tax now. Part of the growing pains of being a small business. But the good news is that if you're in the UK, I don't charge VAT. 
Every 1000 words = Purchase Quantity +1
For example, if your story is two thousand words, you need to purchase "Manuscript Critique (1000 Words)" with the Quantity Box set to 2. F
or a 
4,000 word story, the quantity would be 4, 12,000 words would be 12, and so on. For questions, send me an email.
Whitelist my email:

You'll receive an email from me as soon as your payment goes through. If my email lands in your spam or junk folder, I won't have any way of knowing and will assume you're still finishing up your manuscript (hey, it happens!). 
Reply to my email and attach ONE .doc/docx file with your story in standard manuscript format.
If you're unfamiliar with standard manuscript format, here's a terrific step-by-step example by William Shunn. It's essential for professional story submissions so you'll have to learn it at some point. I suggest you start now. 
That's it.
Yep. Barring some insane life emergency, my turnaround time is generally 4-5 days. And if I am running slower than that, I'll send you an email and let you know. Now, if you send a novel, that's going to take a bit longer than 4-5 days. But I'm pretty fast in turning around manuscript critiques. I won't keep you on the edge of your seat for months on end. Just a few days.
If you're not satisfie with the quality of your manuscript critique, email me and I'll refund you completely. Now, if you're unhappy with the story you submitted or that you didn't receive the pat-on-the-head you believe your story deserves, that's a different situation. I'm a tough critiquer and I don't beat around the bush. (Though I do believe most stories can be salvaged.)
But if I don't deliver the level of professional content editing I've promised, I will return your purchase price immediately. 
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