Formatting for Kindle Publishing

The down & dirty way to format your Kindle book using MS Word:

The great thing about writing a Kindle book is that the setup isn’t that difficult because you actually use less formatting than you would be publishing a blog post or making your book into a PDF file.


  1. Save your document in .Doc or .Docx Format.
  2. If your book has tables, use either an image file or use Insert Tables.
  3. Use the default MS Word settings. Make your document as plain as possible.
  4. Do use MS Word styles such as normal paragraph, headings, and title settings so that you can insert a table of contents after everything is done. A table of contents is required.
  5. Insert page breaks when you want to go to a new page, especially at the end of a chapter, or else it will appear on the same page.
  6. If you want a blank page inserted, use the new page but state that the page is blank.
  7. To insert images properly use JPG and use “insert” with only center alignment. Never copy an image from another source and paste it into your document.
  8. Images can be in color and will be shown in color on other devices outside of the regular Kindle, such as Kindle Fire.

You must have a table of contents, choose the justified alignment, include page breaks after a chapter is done, follow the rules about the dimensions of images and resolution. Do not use tabs for indenting – use hard indents and put your book in the best format depending on your book.


If you have a picture or graphic book, use .mobi. If you have a text-based book without anything fancy, it’s fine to upload a Word document in either .doc or .docx format.

There is software to help you format your book, but you honestly don’t need it. If you follow the instructions above you can upload your book in Word format to Kindle and publish it easily.

If you’re doing a special type of book such as a children’s book with a lot of illustrations, you might find this software helpful.

Or there’s always Fiverr.

Kindle Textbook Creator – You can download this in KDP Tools and Resources and get can it for both Windows and Mac.

Kindle Kids’ Book Creator – Also available to download in KDP Tools and Resources for both Windows and Mac.

Kindle Comic Creator – This one is pretty self-explanatory.

Ebook Converter – This software enables you to convert your books into many different formats including EPUB, PDF, MOBI, Kindle, AZW, TXT.

Scrivener – My personal favorite, Scrivener allows you a wide variety of formats including PDF, EPUB, MOBI, RTF, & TXT. And don’t hesitate to opt for Scrivener for Dummies if you need it.

Now go write that book!

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