Marketing Your Book

After your book is approved, you’ll need to start marketing your book.

Some tried and true ways:

Book Page

A page for your book can have its domain, or you can add it to your blog or website.

Author Page

To create an Author’s Page you’ll need to create an account on Amazon’s Author Central. This is essential to claim your books when they’re published. In addition to the typical profile and headshot, you can include video, feeds for your blogs, a Twitter feed, and social sharing. You can also include any events you will be attending or hosting.

Getting Book Reviews

Getting book reviews will help you move up in the ranks on Amazon. But, don’t use shady methods for getting reviews. If they are doing the review with a free book they should state as much. Don’t pay people to write Amazon reviews for you.

Building an Audience

Use your blog, social media, your author’s page, and website to build an audience for your book by writing about, and talking about the things your audience enjoys, needs or wants that are related to your book. Share with everyone.

Advertise on Facebook or other social media and in the back of relevant print publications.

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