Do you want to write better stories?
Hi, I'm Anna Yeatts. I'm determined to help writers craft stronger stories. My only question is, will they be yours?
Do you want to write better stories? Of course you do.
But the real question is how can you become a better writer?


You can go back to school and get a fancy degree, but that means $30,000 or more in student loans. And even then, you may not be writing the type of stories that sell. Most MFA programs have a specialty, either literary short stories or novels, but very few actually produce working writers who sell.

You can apply to an audition-only workshop, take time away from your job and family for six weeks, and crank out furious fiction for months. But again, it costs upwards of $5,000 for tuition plus whatever you're not making at work. Oh, and don't forget your plane ticket and the burnout so many writers have afterward.

You can go the free route. Pick up advice from blogs and writers forums. But you also run the risk of learning extremely bad habits that will keep your stories from selling at a professional level.

The reality is this:

In order to become a better writer, you need professional guidance from an experienced industry insider.

The program you choose needs to fit your budget, timetable, and goals as a writer. 

I'm a personal writing coach. That means I base everything around where you are right now and together we work towards the goals you want to accomplish.

I've worked with novelists, short story writers, fiction writers, memoirists, humorists, genre writers, and even screenwriters. From science fiction and fantasy to romance and erotica, hard core horror to suspense, literary fiction to slice of life tableaus, I've helped authors clarify the stories they were trying to tell.

Some need help with the basics like a solid beginning, middle, and end. Others struggle with characterization and voice. Invariably there's a need for market advice - where to submit, how to send a cover letter, and specific editors' tastes.

But the biggest thing I've found?

Most writers need support. It's a lonely profession and even your closest family and friends don't always understand what it is that you do. They can't relate to the crushing rejections or the nail-biting waits. They can't give you the feedback that you crave. 

You need another writer. And not just any writer, but a working professional who can help you improve.


I've been writing for 20 years & only now found a critiquer I can trust. Thank you.
There is no doubt (Anna) is the Nigella of the literary teaching world.
My writing output has quadrupled since I started this program!
My stories are short but I would like to gather up my skirts & make a run to pieces even longer...
I've learnt to develop characters more...
What Personal Coaching Includes:
Unlimited email access

One sixty-minute (60) Skype call per month to discuss your writing goals, progress, and work(s)-in-progress

Manuscript critiques (both content and line edits plus proofreads before final submissions) up to 5,000 words/week (that's about as fast as I can humanly read ...)

Learn how to work with a professional editor, receive feedback, and incorporate it into your subsequent drafts

Market suggestions tailored to your work-in-progess

Access to my private Facebook group 

Suggestions for upcoming themed magazine and anthology calls that fit your style and work

Deadlines created to work with your writing process instead of against it​ plus the accountability factor of having someone hold you to them

Premium Access to Write Stories That Sell 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 
What else to know:
Other important information

You can trust my feedback.
My mother probably wishes I was a bit less blunt and a bit less honest. My life would be a lot easier in some respects. But I would be doing you, as an author, a grave wrong by telling you a broken story was amazing or vice versa.

I will tell you if your manuscript is market-ready.

But the good news is that if it's not, I'll have a good idea of what's going wrong with it and how you can fix it so you can sell it.
I read fast, but I'm not a machine.
I can manage roughly 5,000 words per student every week. I am only one person after all.

I do recommend you send me current manuscripts that you're actually working on instead of digging up an old trunk novel and passing it over in 5,000 word chunks.

You'll benefit more from the actual process of creation if you use our time together to write and rewrite instead of look for affirmation on pieces you know aren't working.
If I'm not delivering professional level feedback and advice, I'll refund your purchase price.
If you don't feel you're getting value for your money, I will definitely refund your purchase price within the first 30 days. 

Now, this doesn't mean that if you don't like my feedback, you get a refund. Refer to #1 above. I'm going to tell you the truth (no, I'm not going to be mean about it) about any manuscript you send me.

But my integrity as a professional writer, editor, and publisher is on the line. A less than stellar review of a manuscript doesn't mean that I'm not holding up my end of the bargain. It means you should hang in here with me and work on accepting constructive criticism and incorporating feedback into your work.

However, if I give you feedback that you could find on a reddit feed, or I fail to deliver your feedback at all, that's unprofessional and you definitely deserve a refund. 

How to get started...

It's easier than you think.